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“For years, I have supported hundreds of creatives. I created The Sugar Mama series so I could engage with them, come to know their stories, and support, encourage, and celebrate them as they pursue their dreams."

The Sugar Mama

The Sugar Mama

The Sugar Mama is dedicated to advancing the careers of Canadian artists through mentorship, business advice and a chance to receive $100,000 for one creative to pursue their artistic career.



Unscripted lifestyle documentary series

A group of twelve creatives from a variety of fields will participate for a chance to receive $100,000 from The Sugar Mama.


Creatives from various art disciplines, backgrounds and experiences will be faced with challenges in each episode that will push personal boundaries and their technical and innovative skills to the limit.

Participants will be mentored and have opportunities to develop, learn and build their skills. All participants will receive honouraria and one will receive $100,000.

Each episode will spark the imagination and creativity of twelve passionate personalities who will share their creative art form and inspire viewers to explore and bring imagination into every aspect of their lives.

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