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Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA)

AMPIA is Alberta’s original association of film, television and digital media industry professionals. 

It promotes and supports the growth of screen-based media production within Alberta. 


Creatives Empowered

Creatives Empowered is a virtual non-profit collective of creatives. Empowering the BIPOC community, it focuses on film, TV, media and arts professionals based in western Canada. 


Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)

AWE provides tools and resources to help women across Alberta succeed in starting or growing a business. It offers access to capital, training and workshops, business advice, and mentorship opportunities.

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Edmonton Arts Council (EAC)

EAC supports and promotes the arts community in Edmonton. It works to increase the involvement of arts and culture in all aspects of community life through various activities.


Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des Artistes Canadiens (CARFAC)

CARFAC as a federal non-profit, is the national voice of Canada’s professional visual artists. Its mandate is to promote visual arts, conduct research and engage in public education for these purposes.


Film And Video Arts (FAVA) Society of Alberta

FAVA is an Artist-Run-Centre for Film, Video, and Media artists. It offers equipment, studios, education, and community to individuals.


Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED)

TED is devoted to the spread of good ideas. It offers thousands of videos on creatives, their path to success and innovation in the creative fields.

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