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We are in the transformation business and love is at the root of our work.

We are passionate about supporting people in pursuing their dreams. We believe that all people are multi-faceted and gifted in unique ways. We create a respectful, safe environment where the next generation can explore, discover and express their greatness and give of themselves. Everyone involved in The Sugar Mama TV from production to cast to crew freely expresses enthusiasm, empathy and gratitude.

Image by Ian Schneider
Image by Ian Schneider


To create, produce and distribute

an unscripted television series where talented members of the next generation manifest

Who They Are.


Sugar Mama is in the business of making the world

a more joyful loving place.

Young Dancers


Generosity  We give freely of our heart, head and hands by being kind, caring and empathic.

Authenticity  We are provocateurs who live and work wholeheartedly.

Inclusion  We are inclusive of people of all genders, races, cultures, body types, faiths and abilities.

Integrity  Our words and actions align. We do the right thing.

People First  We prioritize the well-being of everyone involved in the show and see each person as a whole human being.

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